String of Success: Benefits of String/Overhead Landscape Lighting

string overhead landscape lighting

Have you been searching for a unique kind of lighting for your property? Do you want something different that still provides plenty of illumination? Here at A True Sentiment, we offer many different kinds of lighting solutions. Moreover, we customize them to our clients’ exact, specific needs. More and more, we find that our clients are a great fit for string/overhead lighting. There are plenty of reasons that this is one of the more popular kinds of Landscape Lighting that we currently offer. 

String/Overhead Lighting: Simple Elegance 

That’s what our string/overhead lighting is. “Elegant” in the light that it provides, the way it brings out what’s best about your property. That said, it’s “simple” in that it isn’t “busy,” or overly complicated. Instead, it’s just a string of lights, perfectly set up and installed by our professionals, that fits your property exactly as you would like. We’re always glad to sit down with you and go over our options. From there, we can put together something that’s right for you and where you live or work. 

Highlight: Figuratively and Literally 

That’s one of the main reasons that folks opt for string/overhead lighting: it can be used to accentuate what you want on your property. That could be a patio, it could be a fence, it could be your yard itself, rock installations, or something else. With the right string/overhead lighting, you can choose. As such, you can make a great first impression at any time, day or night. Many also use this lighting to make their property safer, too: by shining a soft yet powerful light on that which could be tripped on, as well as being bright enough to keep at bay those who would do your property harm. 

Cosy, Relaxing, and Comfortable All Year Long 

Here in Southern California, string/overhead lighting has been chosen by so many in part because it feels very “comfy.” It can make you outdoors feel not like something separate from your property, but rather, an extension of it, simply another great room in your home. That can make it perfect for when you want to entertain, or just enjoy sitting out under the stars. Our string/overhead lighting can open up your property in a very real way. 

More Landscape Lighting Than What’s on the String 

All of the above has been said, it’s entirely possible that string/overhead lighting isn’t right for you. When you reach out to us, we’ll look at your property and determine the right way to move forward. We’ll provide you with different options. That way, you can pick the one that’s right for your budget, your property, and everything else. To see how we can help, you can contact us through our site or you can give us a call. 

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