A Perfect Complement to Outdoor Lighting Installation: Outdoor Speakers

Outdoor Lighting Installation


Have you been in your backyard recently and thought that it feels like something is missing? Do you have parties or gatherings outside and are tired of having to put a song on your phone and turn it up all of the ways? Those are just some of the reasons that folks opt to have outdoor speakers for their property. Here at A True Sentiment, we provide outdoor lighting installation services, yes, but we also can design a plan and install outdoor speakers, too. 

Better for Your Parties, Better for Your Neighbors 

There’s this misconception some have that, getting outdoor speakers, it’s going to make it harder on your neighbours. As if you’re going to have louder music and thus they’re going to be upset. However, the opposite is almost invariably the case. As the sound is more properly balanced, you can hear it clearly without having to turn it up all that loud. Then, your neighbours (as well as your guests) are that much likelier to be happy. 

The Perfect Sound System for Any Event 

Outdoor speakers can be made to fit just about any event. Are you going to have an elegant dinner with family members? We can make it so that you can control your speakers to provide the right level of sound. By that same token, if you’re going to have the party to end all parties, the kind of party that people remember for the rest of their lives if they’re going to remember it all, we put you in control. With our mastery of the Sonos system, we literally put all of the control in the palm of your hand. 

Landscape Pros Know How to Lay It Out

When we say “outdoor audio installation,” we don’t just mean “we put the speaker down on the ground, plug it in, and leave.” No, we install it properly into your landscaping. See, as we’re landscape lighting professionals, we know how to install the speakers in such a way as to augment the natural beauty of your outdoor area. The speakers can be hidden, they can be visible, but no matter what, we can make sure that they fit exactly what you want your outdoor space to look like. 

Outdoor Lighting Installation Experts 

Outdoor audio is a major part of what we do, however, it’s just one service that we offer. With our outdoor lighting, we can make it so that your backyard (or any outdoor space) is the perfect place for a party, an event, or a lovely trip outside. Moreover, we can do this in such a way that makes your property safer all while boosting the curb appeal. To see how we can help, you can reach us through our site or by giving us a call. 

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