Popular Spring Outdoor Lighting in Los Angeles and How it Can Help

outdoor lighting in los angeles

Are you interested in outdoor lighting for your property but want a better idea of what options are available? Do you know you want to improve your landscape lighting yet aren’t sure exactly where to start? That’s our specialty. At True Sentiment, our team of professional lighting designers is always more than happy to sit down with folks to discuss what would be the best outdoor lighting options for their properties. Below are just a few of the currently popular options for outdoor lighting in Los Angeles. There are many, many others – all of which we can tailor to your exact, specific needs. 

String Lighting: A World of Beauty on a String 

There are many kinds of versatile lighting options, and then there is string lighting. String lighting is in a class of itself in terms of the sheer number of ways it can be utilized. Many of our clients, of course, are best served by hanging string lighting from their porches, the roof of their gazebo, their overhang, and so much more. Combined with the number of string lighting options in terms of length, type of bulb, color, wattage, and more, string lighting can fit practically any landscape. 

Uplighting is Uplifting 

Uplighting can make a powerful, effective statement. Bold and strong, uplighting is extremely popular with those who want to call attention to specific details on their property. If there’s something about your outdoor space that you want to be able to call attention to in a positive, riveting way, uplighting can certainly do the job. 

Incredible Lighting from Unexpected Places 

We’ve found that, when most people think of “outdoor lighting,” they tend to think of, well, lights that they may be more familiar with string lighting, orbs, even lanterns, and so forth. However, some of our more popular options are those that incorporate lighting into furniture, into planters, lining stairs, and so forth. Landscape lighting, when done right, augments the landscape that you already have. That’s what our lighting can do. We can make your property both more aesthetically pleasing as well as safe and secure simultaneously. 

The Right Outdoor Lighting in Los Angeles 

While many of our clients discovered the benefits of the lighting options listed above, they very well may not be the best fit for your property. After all, landscape lighting is location specific – the best lighting options for your landscape are ones specifically crafted for your landscape. That’s what we offer. When you reach out to us, we’ll send our pros out to your property, to look at what you have, to talk to you, and to figure out the best way possible to meet all of your landscape lighting needs. You can start the process by messaging us through our site or calling us. 

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