Beyond Landscape Lighting: Outdoor Audio Solutions

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Do you want to get the most from the outdoor living space on your property? Have you tried to spend time out in your yard or on your patio with friends and family, only to find that after a while you get, well, a little antsy or even bored? Here at True Sentiment, we’ve provided professional landscape lighting that makes your property look its best, opening up the outdoors as a whole new living space. Now, we can take that one step forward, to enhance your outdoor living spaces that much more: outdoor audio. 

Entertain the Right Way 

With the right outdoor audio, it can help to make your outdoors a place where you and others are going to want to spend their time. We can make it so that you have the property that people want to go to for the weekly party, cookouts, reunions, or just intimate nights under the stars. Whether it’s with your beloved or with your kids (or anyone else), great outdoor audio can provide an immersive sound experience that you’ll want to partake of again and again. 

Comfort and Control 

No longer will “outdoor audio” mean “turning your phone all the way up” or anything of that nature. Instead, we can design an outdoor audio solution for you that you can easily control from anywhere. Sonos integration, set up by experts, makes it possible for you to be in total control of the outdoor audio come what may. 

Long Lasting Audio 

We understand that, even in Southern California, the elements can be an issue: rain, wind, and worse. However, we design our outdoor audio solutions with those in mind. That way, your fixtures are as durable as can be. They’ve proven that they earned their high ratings, strong enough to withstand the Southern California outdoor elements at their harshest. 

Audio and Lighting Go Hand in Hand 

Outdoor audio is just one of the ways that we can make yours outdoors into what you want them to be. Many of our outdoor audio clients also opt for our landscape lighting, too. That way, we can create outdoor audio that you can immerse yourself in, yes, while also designing the kind of outdoor lighting that makes your property safer; illuminating any pathways so that you can enjoy the outdoors with clear peace of mind. 

Landscape Lighting Solutions 

No matter what time of year it is, our outdoor lighting landscapers can help. During this time, we’re removing many of our clients’ custom-designed holiday lighting. But, we’re also improving the properties of those who resolved to make their outdoor spaces that much more attractive and lovable in the new year. Whether you want lighting or audio, we’re here to help. You can schedule a free consultation with us through our site or call us at our phone number displayed on the top right margin.

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