5 Ideas for Summer Outdoor Lighting in Los Angeles

outdoor lighting in Los Angeles

Living in a place with a beautiful climate all year round like Los Angeles allows us to spend lots of our leisure time outdoors, especially if we have a great outdoor space at home. There is nothing better than relaxing with a cool drink in the yard or enjoying a garden gathering with friends and loved ones. If you want the party to not have to stop when the sun goes down, you need lighting in your yard/garden or on your patio. Here are some of the best ideas for outdoor lighting in Los Angeles in 2023.


Don’t just think about electrical lighting, make the most of natural light in the form of flames! A firepit is one of the best garden features that you can install, both for personal enjoyment and for increasing the overall value of your property. They are a sought-after feature in any location that allows for lots of evenings to be spent outside even in colder weather. Get the s’mores ready!

Dining Lighting

If your space is large enough to house an outdoor dining table, then organize it in such a way that you can have two or three lights hanging directly above to illuminate it as the sun begins to fall. For an even more desirable effect, make sure that these lights are dimmable so you can set them for the perfect ambiance at your dinner party.

Pergola Feature

Turn a normal pergola into a standout feature in your garden with the addition of carefully placed lighting. With the right amount of bulbs, you can turn any unassuming pergola into a real fairytale-esque element of your outdoor space. It provides the perfect lighting setup for a photo session at a dinner party or garden party!

Tree Lanterns

If you want to transform your garden into a really magical space, then you can’t go wrong with the addition of lanterns in the trees that you have. For a more bohemian chic vibe, opt for a mix-and-match approach with the lanterns, picking designs that share an aesthetic but are not necessarily uniform and identical.

Experiment With Levels

Don’t keep all of your lighting at one level of height in your garden. If you are opting for tree lanterns, for example, then balance that out with a few strategically placed lights on the ground as well. It is all about finding the right balance and giving a sense of sophisticated lighting to every part of the space.

So, if you want to upgrade your own outdoor lighting in Los Angeles, then don’t hesitate to consult with A True Sentiment, we can discuss a wide range of options that we are sure will spark interest and inspiration that will turn your garden into a wonderful entertaining space. Feel free to get in touch with any of our experienced team members and they will be more than happy to answer any specific lighting questions that you might have. We very much look forward to being able to help you with your lighting renovations!

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