What are the Benefits of Landscape Lighting Installation?

The most common reason that our clients opt for landscape lighting installation is to increase their property value. If you’re considering selling your property (or want to do so in the future) then having a landscape lit by the pros can boost your property value significantly. Additionally, of all the property improvements that can increase a property’s value, it provides perhaps the most return on investment. 

Landscape lighting also, in a very real way, extends your property’s living space outside of your home. Essentially, it can make your outdoor living space just that – a living space, a true extension of your property. 

Lighting your landscape professionally can make your property safer in multiple ways. Yes, it can deter criminals, as those who would do you or your property harm are less likely to go somewhere better illuminated. Additionally, professional lighting on your home can light any rocks, stumps, or anything else that could be potentially tripped over. 

On top of everything else, having your property professionally illuminated just makes it look better. You can highlight and accentuate anything you would like in your landscaping, yard decor, and more. 

Can I Just Do My Landscape Lighting Myself?

It’s not recommended. We understand it can be tempting to try to do this yourself, but ultimately, you’re more likely to spend more money for inferior work. Professionals know which materials to use and how to use them. We can present you with multiple options so as to best fit your budget. 

Beyond that, we have the training and experience to devise a landscape lighting plan that’s right for your property. We can work with you to help you to meet your exact lighting goals. Without that, you’ll be trying to do all of that yourself, through trial and error. Any mistake you make that you want to go back and fix will cost you more time, more money, more effort, and so forth. 

Additionally, landscape lighting can be physically difficult. Here at True Sentiment, beyond our experience and training, we have all of the relevant insurance, licensing, and more. When you let the pros take care of your lighting planning and installation, you eliminate all of the stress that would come from trying to do it yourself. 

You put so much into your property, calling in help from a pro landscape lighting installer in Los Angeles is a way of protecting your investment. 

Is it Worth it to Get My Holiday Lighting Installation from True Sentiment?

Yes, provided that you want the best designs at a competitive price. We provide tailored holiday lighting installation solutions for homes as well as businesses, essentially any kind of property. We can help if you want professional holiday lighting installations. This is a comprehensive service. First, our experts do a thorough walk through your site, learning about your property. Then, we’ll provide available lighting designs alongside competitive, straightforward proposals. This will come with mockups so that everything is in alignment. 

Once we find the right solution for your needs, we get right to work. That means we gather all of the necessary materials, all of the lights, electrical cords, timers, and everything else. After that, our installation teams install everything seamlessly. 

Installation, however, is not the end of what we do. Then, we make sure that your project is always working through continued maintenance. That way, if something needs to be fixed, to be troubleshot, we can get to work on it properly. 

The last thing we would ever do is to install your lights, put them up, and then leave you to remove them yourself. We take down your holiday lighting in a timely manner after the holidays, so thoroughly, in fact, it will seem like we were never there. 

What are True Sentiment’s Qualifications?

Ten-plus years of satisfied customers. We’re always proud to show our portfolio, to put you in contact with those for whom we’ve installed outdoor lighting projects. Residential, commercial, and municipal: if there’s an area in the Los Angeles area, the odds are good that we’ve installed lighting and/or audio solutions. 

Beyond that, we have all of the necessary insurance, bonding, and more. For further questions about qualifications and how we can help, we recommend you reach out to us.

How Can My Property Be Aided by String/Overhead Lighting?

String lights, (or as they’re also sometimes called, “bistro lights”) offer many benefits, not the least of which is their versatility. They can be hung in essentially any outdoor environment (as well as some interiors). We’ve found that they can bring a certain ambiance to any setting. They provide illumination in a relaxing way, which makes them perfect for any outdoor area, whether you’re going to be entertaining a group or simply looking to relax outside after the sun sets. 

String lighting can be used to enhance an aspect of your exterior. Many of our clients choose to have string lights draped along balconies, trees, posts, or other structures so that they light up what you want to be lit up. They can do the same for living entranceways, paths, vegetation, and so much more. Bistro/string lights can make particular spaces more visible and thus safer as well. 

Many currently opt for string lighting because they can provide unique patterns that other forms of outdoor lighting (such as submerged lighting, spotlights, and others) don’t necessarily provide. 

String lights are a great fit for many of our clients but won’t be the right solution for all. When we do a walk of a client’s property, we put together a lighting plan to fit your exact needs. 

What Does Outdoor Audio from True Sentiment Provide?

High-quality audio outdoors. We can install an immersive sound experience to your outdoor area. Whether it’s your home, your place of business, or anywhere else, we can design a plan for crisp, clear sound in an outdoor space. 

This is perfect if you’re going to have parties at your home and want to entertain outdoors, or if you just like to sit back with your family and listen to music under the stars. Our commercial clients have utilized outdoor audio in many ways over the years to grow their business, build their brand, and create a great first (and lasting impression) as well as in many other ways. 

Always, our outdoor audio systems are designed with durability in mind. These fixtures are specifically built to withstand outdoor elements. That said, we also make them so that they’re easy to control. Integrated with Sonos, they can be controlled from a smart device of your choosing. 

Do I Need to Have my Outdoor Audio Installed by Experts?

Yes, if you want the sound to be balanced and immersive, you want to have a professional handle your outdoor audio installation. Installing outdoor audio isn’t just a question of putting some speakers in your garden, placing an amplifier behind a rock or something. Our experts design an entire outdoor audio plan for your specific location. 

That way, we’re able to provide you with an immersive and balanced outdoor sound. For many, this is the kind of thing that they may not be aware of until they’re confronted by its absence. You know when you’ve been in an outdoor location where one speaker was far louder than the others, where the sound was tinny, thin, and distracting. Our pros work to make sure that doesn’t happen. 

What Would I Use Outdoor Audio for?

The simple answer is “anything you want,” but the truth is that it has many benefits beyond simply listening to your favorite music when and where you want. That said, many of our clients avail themselves of our outdoor audio for specifically that reason. There’s nothing like sitting outside after a long day working and listening to your music while you stare up at the stars (or your phone). 

Of course, many of our clients opt for outdoor audio to entertain. Outdoor audio makes any garden party that much better. This is true regardless of what kind of party it is. Formal gatherings are made that much more elegant and regal with immersive, balanced classical music. 

Or, alternatively, it’s great to rock out with your friends and crank the system up, too. These are two extremes, yet our system can accommodate these as well as any kind of gathering in between. 

In addition to what outdoor audio can provide you aurally and aesthetically, it can also help your property value, too. These are a great addition that provides plenty of ROI when you’re looking to get more value for your property. Those are just some of the reasons. We’re always glad to discuss other ways that our outdoor audio can help, too. 

How Does True Sentiment Determine Cost?

We tailor our lighting and audio solutions to your specific needs. When you reach out to us, we’ll do a site walk of your property. From there, we’ll put together multiple plans about how we can provide you with lighting and/or audio. These include multiple options so that we can accommodate many different price levels. 

Once you’ve chosen the plan that’s right for you, that’s what you’ll pay. There are no “hidden fees,” “surprise costs,” or anything of that nature. We let you know exactly what everything will cost early on.

How Do I Get Started with True Sentiment?

Here at our site, you can tell us more about what it is that you’re looking for. Whether the work you’re looking for is landscape lighting istallation in Los Angeles, Outdoor Audio, or holiday lighting installation. Then, once you send that in, our team will reach out to you about how we can continue the conversation, look at your property, and so forth. 

Or, alternatively, you can call us and we can set it up that way. As with so much else that we do, we work around you to provide the best solution.

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